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Modular PLC Modular PLC – MELSEC System Q
Modular PLCModular PLC – MELSEC System Q
Ever more demanding manufacturing systems, new forms of communication and the need to integrate new technologies are pushing the performance limits of conventional PLC systems. Mitsubishi Electric’s response to these growing challenges is our Q series high-end controllers with advanced multi-processor technology.In each system, up to four separate CPUs share the processing load of control, motion control, PC and communications tasks. This brilliantly simple solution brings a dramatic boost in system availability and performance. This means, there’s no more need to install multiple PLCs and a network to connect them.Now you can control multiple applications with a single system using the Q series powerful multi-processor functionality. With its integrated IT technology, MELSEC System Q opens up a wide range of options for worldwide communication. With its unique design concept and outstanding features MELSEC System Q can rightfully claim to be the controller platform for the future. The redundant System Q can now control process industry systems reliably and without failures.The central components are two new high-performance processors (CPUs) developed specifically for the process industry, the Q12PRHCPU and the Q25PRHCPU. The programmable logic controllers have 52 special process control functions and complement the existing range of modules. A new power supply unit and the matching backplanes are also designed for redundant operation. Process CPU Modules The Qn process CPU allows flexible system design based on off-the-shelf Q Series components, which reduces both initial and implementation costs.The MELSEC Process Control system is best suited for food manufacturing and chemical plant applications,where liquid or solid materials are stored in a tank and a level must be maintainedwithin a specific range.Key features include:• All program cycle periods continuously adjustable from 0.5-2.000ms in 0.5ms steps • Self-diagnostics with error history stored in the CPU • Memory expansion options up to 32MB • Support for remote diagnostics and programming (modem, Internet, intranet) • Monitoring of special function modules, online system analysis on screen • All CPUs fitted with integrated Flash ROM • Utility tools enable simple configuration and functional tests of analog and special function modules • Programmable with IEC 1131.3/EN 61131-3 compatible software or (via a PC CPU) in high-level languages like C or Visual Basic • Soft PLC available for the PC CPUs
Modular PLC
Modular PLC Modular PLC – MELSEC AnSH/QnAS
Modular PLC – MELSEC AnSH/QnASOur "little" fully modular system
Modular PLC Modular PLC – MELSEC System Q
Modular PLC – MELSEC System QOur Q series with high-end controllers with advanced multi-processor technology.

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